Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Waist Trainers - Miracle Garment Or A Waist Of Time..?

It's that time of year when you stir from a ridiculously cold Spring slumber, one that's filled with Mac and Cheese and huddling in front of the TV. You're suddenly faced with the horror that you might soon have to hand over your parka and jeans for something a little less cosy.

After getting addicted to Clubbercise a couple of months ago (that's another story), I was feeling slightly smug about the whole Summer/baring skin dilemma. But that was before I agreed to review a waist trainer from The Ultimate Waist...

If your life goals are in anyway influenced by the Kardashian clan, you're likely to be familiar with waist training. Not a day goes by without a Kardashian sister uploading a post-gym selfie to Instagram cinched in by a neon Ann Chery waist trainer.

I will be honest, the first time you try to squish yourself into one of these is soul destroying. Think getting toothpaste back into the tube and you've got the idea. Designed to be the tightest fit possible, the sensation of shoving everything into one of these sturdy, latex trainers is one that makes you feel like genuinely quitting carbs for good.

Manufactured in Colombia, the trainer has flat seams so you can wear it under your clothes throughout the day and three sets of hooks ensure that you're on the tightest setting. Hooking it together gets easier with each wear. 

I'm not saying that it's a miracle, but on removal, you feel as though you have compressed your stomach which incredibly, makes for looser clothes instantly.

It's advised you wear your trainer for a few hours a day and for optimum results, you should work out whilst wearing it (haaa!) Whilst I have been wearing mine daily, I am not quite ready for the experience of trying to master aerobics to The Prodigy in it yet.

The trainer creates compression in your core and heats up your mid-section which is supposed to promote weight loss.

I have been wearing mine for over a week and have noticed that whilst wearing it, my posture is miles better than usual. Trust me, there's no slouching allowed in this thing, just try!

If you're mission it to get Summer-ready quickly, I would definitely recommend it. I'll let you know how I manage a gym session in it, if I'm still standing...

Visit The Ultimate Waist Here.

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