Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Ultimate Blogging Uniform

If you're anything like me, getting dressed is a minefield.  On Sunday night, I embark on a weekly mission, plough through my wardrobe and find myself slumped on a mound of clothes two hours later, still none the wiser.

To combat this whilst blogging, Workwear Express offered to send me my own, personalised 'Blogger Uniform.' 

I was envisioning some sort of pink boiler suit/apron combo but was pleasantly surprised when this hoodie arrived in the post! It's a lovely, warm fluffy hoodie, the kind that were made for slouching on Sundays.

I had explained to Workwear Express that as a child, I'd frequently subject my toys to hours of fun in which I'd boss them around and give them heaps of work to do, I think I thought these were the job responsibilities of a teacher. Years later, bingeing on The Hills episodes, I wanted to  make like Lauren and co and have swishy hair and a BMW whilst flouncing around at Teen Vogue pretending to be a fashion journalist.

After realising that I wasn't particularly keen on being subjected to kids everyday and that living in LA may be a little unattainable, I stuck to writing.

Watching videos of cats..obvs.

Sharing this with them, they used my childhood dream to produce an item of clothing  which I'm sure will provide me with much warmth whilst blogging this Winter.

They were also kind enough to send me the ultimate blogging accompaniments, a Hetty desk hoover, travel mug and some very tiny but amazingly cute notebooks.

Share your childhood dream with them on Twitter using #WEChildhoodDream.

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Facebook: The Workwear Express Group

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