Sunday, 4 October 2015

STOP! I've found the only fake tan worth buying..

I have always been pale and pasty. Despite my family history of tanned, European skin, I clearly skipped the gene.

Skirts in summer? Total no-go. Less than factor 50 on holiday? Are you joking?

So, to combat my milk bottle legs, I have tried every fake tan going. I've gone a very peculiar spray tan shade, I've suffered weeks of terrible smudging and orange patches from a Pound Shop special and frazzled every time I've let my guard down and expose myself to a measly half an hour of beaming sun.

A couple of weeks ago at the La Belle Beauty Evening, I met Sarah, UK Director of Australia's best selling tanning brand, Black Magic. She very kindly gave me a bag of tanning products to try out. Black Magic is now available in the UK from a salon in Warrington but the products can also be purchased online. I skipped off to try them out, dreaming of my soon-to-be J-Lo legs.

Preparation  for Black Magic is, as always, key and the Black Magic exfoliating scrub banished any dead skin, creating a silky smooth base.

It differs from creams like Dove Summer Glow, as Black Magic tan can be seen upon application so you don't miss the awkward crease behind your knees or end up with a streaky ankle (we've all been there.) Using the mitt, you simply apply as usual in circular motions and leave for a couple of hours, depending on the depth of tan you want.

I left the product on for about 2 hours before rinsing off. Initially, I felt a pang of disappointment as I watched swirls of orange disappearing down the plughole, abandoning my still bright white skin. However, I went to bed and woke up looking like I'd just spent 2 weeks in the South of France, with no effects on my white sheets.

My tan was even, natural-looking and long-lasting. Moisturising every day, I kept the tan for almost a week before it gradually faded.

I dread scrubbing off patches of stubborn fake tan but this was completely effortless and perfect for sensitive skin.

At £24.95 for the Vibe tanning foam, it isn't cheap, but it only took a tiny amount to cover my legs and I can assure you I will never go back to risking the streaks and stained sheets of regular fake tan!

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