Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Coffee, Cake And Clear Your Own Plates..

I'm always up for a new experience and I'm particularly keen if there's the promise of cake, which is how me and my BFF found ourselves getting into a very subtle lift tucked away in the Northern Quarter.

Having read about Ziferblat online, we were intrigued by their novel concept, pay for the time you stay, not the food or drink you consume. Their 'pay-as-you-stay' approach means checking in at a counter on arrival, where your time is charged at approximately £3 an hour.

We plumped for some comfy seats and made our way to the kitchen, where for me, the experience got a little odd. Standing in an unknown kitchen, trying to navigate grocery items is a bit like playing some sort of food-related hide and seek. But if you can unearth a fork from one of the many identical drawers, you can help yourself to an array of cake, biscuits, cereal and whatever else you can find.

There's a coffee machine for unlimited mugs of caffeine and an assortment of teas to rifle through.

The atmosphere is relaxed, think public library mixed with a student kitchen, and everyone treats the kitchen as their own, sliding their plates into the dishwasher before they leave.

Board games are strewn across the room for hours of fun on the floor and a designated talking table offers the opportunity for more a bit more social and a little less social media.

Sinking into the chairs and nattering away over a mug of tea, we made full use of the free cake and carefree atmosphere before clocking out an hour later for the princely sum of £3.

Beat that for value Starbucks!

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