Thursday, 16 July 2015

Behind the scenes at Coronation St..

If you grew up in Manchester, chances are you remember the Granada Studio's tour. You may even still have the souvenir Sooty toy you clutched all the way home.

Whilst Sweep and the gang may have left years ago, you can still visit somewhere that most Mancunians are very familiar with. Just a glimpse of the cobbles can bring a million memories flooding back.

Coronation Street is a staple part of the nation's TV diet. Whether you're a Corrie addict or you drift from week to week or even years without watching it, you always seem to float straight back to the storyline.

It's a part of your childhood and with one episode, your right back into it, the comfort of familiar faces who live their lives alongside yours.

I was absolutely thrilled when I was invited to blog about the Coronation Street tour as I hadn't even realised that the set will be closed at the end of this year, and not to cause any panic here but IT WILL CLOSE FOREVER!

The staff were passionate and gave an incredible tour, allowing a small group of bloggers to rifle through the costume department, peek into the dressing rooms and gain exclusive access on to the room sets, usually taped off to the public.

We started off in the Green Room, where the cast rehearsed lines and collected their post. There are a few famous names on the pigeon holes..

Beth & Kirk's wedding attire!

Tracey Barlow's wedding dresses..

Next we visited the wardrobe dept to see Sophie's River Island coats, Roy's jumpers and a host of recognisable wedding dresses.

The first stop in the set room was Carla's flat, where the only kitchen utensil in the drawer was a bottle opener..

Then, the Platt's house with the infamous stairs, don't worry, David isn't lurking at the top.

Just admiring Kylie's lovely sofa..

We popped into the Rovers for a quick drink and a punch-up, of course (the guide mentioned that the beer they drink on set is 75% lemonade..)

Our guide told us that when a building has suffered a fire, the design team incorporate orange onto the set, notice the orange staircase in the knicker factory.

The Kabin stocks some well known magazines, you know like Hiya! and Sugargirl..

After the set tour, we emerged onto the street via the Bistro, to the tune of the show's opening. 

We were invited into the street's kebab shop 'Prima Donner' for pizza to enjoy whilst wandering the eerily empty street.

I took a peek into Gail's back garden, far superior to to the tiny back yard owned by the likes of the Battersby's (the only members of the street to still rent their house) and that of Jack and Vera in their yellow and blue cladded wonder.

The whole experience was very surreal and I left feeling a twinge of sadness that the place that we all have memories of will be no more.

You can visit until the end of December and as of this week, the Royal Mail will be collecting postcards from the street's postbox!

It's definitely a must for any Corrie fan and you'll walk away from the set filled with nostalgia. 

Just make sure you keep an eye out for David when you're near those stairs..

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  1. Once again a fantastic piece, I did go to the original tour but may have to go back after reading this, well done

    1. Thank you! It's so worth it! X

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