Saturday, 23 May 2015

10 things you're oblivious to until you start planning a wedding..

1. You've got 9374692874628947 million family members

2. You should ditch your job and set up a wedding business, £400 for an hours car hire anyone?

3. Hours have gone into the wedding invitation that gets stuck in a pile of bills

4. You and your fiancé have very opposing tastes (Iron Man cufflinks anyone?)

5. You invite 2 different families and bam, you've eaten up half your guest list

6. It doesn't matter how big and bold your font is, people still won't RSVP

7. The W word starts slipping out in every conversation no matter how hard you try to gulp it back down

8. "Is it okay if blah blah brings blah blahs cousins friend?"

9. Suddenly the thing your looking most forward to is the Champagne..

10. You can do your own make-up every other day of your life without looking like Coco the Clown but are
convinced if you try it on your wedding day you'll end up with wonky eyebrows and strawberry jam lips

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