Monday, 6 April 2015

Just keep spinning..

My guess is, and I'm going by my standards here, you've spent the past 3 days scoffing chocolate. No, just me? *slowly puts down packet of mini eggs*

So, I'm kicking off my post-egg fest fitness on a Bank Holiday with a visit to Pro Spin in Hale.

I was first invited to a trial class a few weeks ago by Ledigo PR, to the gorgeous new studio that used to be an egg barn, a nice Easter link for you there!

My first class was 45 minutes long and by about 37 minutes in, I was convinced I was going to die. Clinging to my handlebars and aleady anticipating that I wouldn't be able to walk the following day, I struggled on with my legs feeling like custard. Instructor Ross Sommers powers you through the class with motivational shouting and a dance-worthy playlist. The room is dark, lit by coloured flashing lights so you can sweat in private (A LOT, TRUST ME.)

Photo: Pro Spin

The second time, I plumped for the 30 minute class as I was still suffering from major bum bruising and a fear of drowning in my own sweat. 30 minutes is fine, I thought, it'll be over in no time, I thought. It was tougher than the first time. However, the day after I didn't ache as much and I've been back a further two times so something about the burning pain in my legs must be working!

If you haven't tried spinning before, definitely head to Pro Spin. The staff are lovely and the 30 minute classes are perfect for an express blast of exercise. No excuses. Just don't forget your towel.

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