Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Why Instagram is bad for your health..

You've survived January. You've spent all your money on items of clothing that you 'had to have' in the sales and your new juicer is gathering dust at the back of the cupboard, replaced obviously by a massive bar of Dairy Milk and a large glass of Pinot.

Usually at this time, we'd turn to magazines for inspiration, but in the fast-paced, image-conscious 2015, our go-to place for an inspo fix is obvious, Instagram.

Instagram is brilliant, it is by far the laziest way of seeking inspiration, a rolling stream of easy access images of the lifestyle you wish you had.

Tiny, Barbie sized girls clutch gifts of humongous and totally impractical bunches of 100 roses. Everyone has a job more glamorous, exciting and well paid than you and whilst your Sunday morning consists of wearing mismatched pyjamas and shovelling coco pops down your neck in front of the TV, others are pumping away in the gym and eating avocado for breakfast. (you heard me right, avocado, FOR BREAKFAST.)

Really, we should be taking it with a pinch of salt. I mean. who is really going to document their day wading through admin at work, or falling off the fitness wagon and scoffing 10 Krispy Kremes. We seem to have developed a culture based solely on making each other jealous. We're forever comparing ourselves to others, others whose lives we only glimpse through face softening filters.

We should treat Instagram as a 'highlights' page. Sort of like a scrap book of our best, most envious moments. But wading through portrayals of the 'perfect lifestyle' is enough to make anyone want to curl up and sob all over their iPhone.

For brand marketing, it's brilliant and that is essentially what you are doing on your feed, promoting yourself as a brand. But it's far too easy to forget that filters don't apply in real life.

So put your phone down and catch up with your real life friends, after a few drinks they'll be queuing up to moan about their hellish week at work and how they fell off the treadmill at the gym. You never know, it might make you feel better. It's quite comforting to know that no amount of filters is going to gloss over cold hard conversation.