Saturday, 28 February 2015

An unusual Monday night at The Escape Rooms..

It's a typically miserable Monday night, but rather than collapsing onto the sofa to a Kardashian-athon, I find myself being handcuffed to 3 other people (two of which are complete strangers) and locked in a prison cell.

Being 'cuffed. I said to Nic 'You'll have to marry me now!' Then spent 5 minutes having to explain to the staff that he was my actual fiancé and I wasn't a headcase.. Photo: The Escape Rooms

Luckily, this isn't some sort of fifty-shades inspired night, I'm at the press launch of Manchester's new Escape Rooms. A real life escape game where teams race to escape a themed room with the help if clues and both mental and physical challenged. Weird, I know.

I am not a game person. I've thrown monopoly boards in boredom and find Snap to be the only game that's really on my level, so I was preparing myself for a slow night.

We were introduced to our fellow escapees (who were thankfully really lovely) and handcuffed together (girls, handy tip for you, don't put your handbag on your shoulder if you're being cuffed..) we were then quite literally lead to the 'Prison Break' room. 

With our fellow escapees.. Photo: The Escape Rooms

The room is split into two by locked bars which you have to get through to escape. The room is as dark as your average Hollister and there's an eerie buzz in the background. I realised that as I was attached to three other people, bolting for the door wasn't an option!

Not only do you have to physically search every inch of the room for clues, you  then have to follow mind-bending puzzles and wait for it, mathematical challenges. I repeat, maths, ON A MONDAY NIGHT.

Numbers are not my bag, so it's lucky we worked together as a team or I have a feeling I'd still be there.

After about 45 minutes and with my brain well and truly mangled, we were free and feeling pretty chuffed, with only 15 minutes to spare.

Photo: The Escape Rooms

As we sat down in the bar, we were told that the Prison Break room only has a 40% escape rate. Prosecco all round then..

The Escape Rooms is something I NEVER would have tried, but I can't express how much of a brilliant experience it was. I wouldn't want to spoil any parts of the challenge for you, but it's definitely one to add to your to-do list. Don't forget your arithmetics.

Book with The Escape Room now and use the code Ledigo25 for 25% off your first challenge!

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