Sunday, 25 January 2015

Buys that made my heart skip.. (A mini haul)

Usually, at some point mid-January, Sales boredom sets in.

You've done every shop, bought everything you'd eyed up in December and are mindlessly shifting hangers along a rack. I find it's at times like these I make my best buys. The buys that make you inhale sharply and look around to make sure nobody is waiting to mug you of your discovery.

This may sound a little dramatic, but I'm pretty sure that clothes evoke the same racing feeling in me that other people get about fast cars or extremely expensive champagne.

So, it was on a visit to TK Maxx that I got my heart-stopping moment this year when I spotted these on the very bottom shelf. Scrambling round in the dust, I uncovered these See by Chloé ankle boots at a final reduction of £31.00. I snatched them and had a total Cinders moment when I realised they fit. Getting them off requires a bit of yoga as the ankle is mostly elastic, but that's a minor price to pay for a bargain, classic pair of designer shoes..

The rest of my buys have all been from Charity Shops. I've been on the hunt for a new pair of Levi's as I have been wearing my current and only pair every weekend for the past 8 months. Just in case nobody has shared this piece of information with you, if you're a girl with an arse and are sick of jeans slouching down and flashing your knickers at everyone, Levis are your saviour.

 Some sort of magnetic pull lured me towards the jeans section in Cancer Research Marple, where I found a pair of unworn Levis demi curve jeans (IN MY SIZE!!) for £5.00. That's £90 you've just saved me, thank you universe.

I then scooped this gorgeous LBD from Biba for £3.50 at Beechwood in Bramhall, which is one of those staple dresses that every wardrobe should own.

Leaving the glamour behind, I picked up another Tommy Hilfiger jumper (the comfiest and most versatile jumpers in the world) and a Next patterned blouse for a measly £1.00 each from the MS Society shop, Dean Row.

You can keep your Topshop's and H&M's, I'm getting my bargain fixes guilt free.

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