Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A 'Lush' evening..

With cartoon-style steam billowing out of my ears and frazzled after a Monday that even coffee couldn't save, I went to the Lush Nails and Beauty event in Romiley.

I was greeted with a glass of Prosecco and handed a goody bag before exploring the salon.
After telling anyone who would listen about how amazing their gold glitter wallpaper was, I was seated to have my hair curled by the Ed's hair team from Salford (best blow-dry in the North West according to numerous sources). My stylist twirled and curled and sprung my hair to life. My flat, wind-beaten mane was transformed into a side-swept 50's glamour do. They even demonstrated how to maintain your curls overnight, by tipping you head forward and twisting all your hair into a really high top-knot, you retain some of the volume the morning-after.

Feeling a little more like myself, I decided to take a peek at the Botox demonstration in one of the treatment rooms. Bleh, I soon regretted that. Whilst the procedure itself looked calm and almost painless, I couldn't help feeling the victims, sorry erm patients pain and scurried off before I felt any queasier.

Salon owner Francesca was the perfect host (with the most sought-after bouncy blonde curls), proffering cupcakes and painting nails way past the events finish time. Her team were bubbly and welcoming, giving the salon the homely feel that is so often lost in clinical-looking beauty salons. I left toting some new Image skincare products (verdict coming soon) and trying desperately not to smudge my super-shiny black manicure. Lush, I'll definitely be back.

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