Monday, 15 September 2014

Cherie Bebe's Burlesque Revue

Credit: Cherie Bebe

Dita Von Teese is where my knowledge of Burlesque both begins and ends.

So it was with a head full of dimmed lights and imagined Martini glasses that I arrived for 'Cherie Bébe's Burlesque Revue' at Matt and Phreds in Manchester.

Walking in, you're immediately swallowed by the deep red walls and the incredible cloud of thick atmosphere.The cosy round wooden tables were scattered with lollies, with couples huddled round twinkling candles.

Compered by Sarah Millican's jaw-droppingly rude and incredibly funny warm up Jonathon Mayor (who flounced dramatically around the room, shimmering robes and all) the evening was an amazing concoction of beautiful burlesque, incredible vocals from Kiki Deville (you may recognise her from last year's The Voice) and one of the most captivated audiences I have ever experienced.

The host herself, Burlesque performer and actress Cherie was the obvious Burlesque highlight. Both sexes in the audience appreciated her equally. Performing seamlessly, a whirl of elegance and glamour, I found myself in awe of her, desperately longing for a mane of swishy dark hair and hips that effortlessly twirl.

The unfairly pretty Starla Bright's wonderland-inspired 'Alice What's The Matter' has meant I've had Terrorvision jammed in my head for an entire day and I'm pretty sure I gawped at her throughout her entire act. (You can get a peek of it here, but go and see her!)

That said, I was amazed at how every single person in the room was drawn in, mesmerised by the figure on the stage. 

Fittingly, when I went to the toilets, I found this etched on the toilet door..

Apt, don't you think?

I have vowed to return, hypnotised by the incredible power and dominance of the female performers and also tempted by the huge excuse to take my new-found inspiration on an underwear shopping trip.

Cherie Bebe's Burlesque Review takes place monthly at Matt and Phreds:

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