Friday, 12 September 2014

A Vintage Affair - BambleVintage

Spurred on by Dawn O'Porter's 'This Old Thing,' my love of vintage has recently been amplified.

I'm always on the lookout for quirky new outlets for vintage treasure-hunting, so when I heard about BambleVintage I was there quicker than you can say '60's Kaysar nightdress'. Inspired by her Nana's vintage wardrobe, London-based Sophie launched her Etsy shop, Bamble Vintage (aided by her handily artistic sister.) 

Open since 2013, the online shop is crammed with intriguing prints and styles that hark back to a time we can only lust after. A girl after my own heart, it was twirling round in her Nana's costume jewellery as a child that kick-started her penchant for vintage.

"My Nana is a total style queen, always ladylike and demure, but she is very fashion forward and never kept any of her gorgeous vintage dresses I’ve seen in photos. Luckily for me, my mother and aunt did! The second we got old enough to appreciate and take care of it, my sister and I (mostly me) pilfered my poor mum’s wardrobe and jewellery box."

The items that caught her eye is stuff of thrifty girls dreams.

"We found wide snakeskin belts with gold clasps from Covent Garden in the 70’s and original print tees (the kind high street brands try to reproduce now) from her time in Marina del Rey, LA in the 70’s. She had 80’s blazers, sequinned jumpers and a black jumpsuit that I literally wore holes into!"

Sophie admits that when it came to putting her passion into her business, she had a very DIY approach.

She said: "Firstly, opening a shop online is like a tear-drop in the ocean. Getting noticed and promotion is very hard. Luckily I have an amazing sister who is an amazing artist who did most of BambleVintage’s promotional artwork by hand with inks. I had a lot of flyers, note cards, business cards etc made up which featured all her original designs and that helped bring traffic to the site."

We are united in our love of Audrey Hepburn, our constant quest for seeking out Audrey-worthy clothing and our undying love for all things cashmere. Though personally, mine never escapes my devil washing machine and post-cycle I'm usually presented with a Sylvanian Families sized jumper. Undeterred though, I'm taking Sophie's advice and hunting for some vintage cashmere.

"I will always come back to a cashmere jumper." Sophie confirms,

"You can never go wrong with a gorgeous cashmere jumper, the slouchier the better,worn with anything. If you see a 70’s or 80’s cashmere jumper without any moth holes, significant damage, and that is still soft and even, snatch it up! Pringle Of Scotland is a very good label to look for when looking for quality vintage cashmere. Adolfo (look for ‘At Saks Fifth Avenue’ on the label, which means it came from his boutique) is also a wonderful label for cashmere beauties! It might be expensive, but cashmere is a true investment, I mean come on, who loves you like cashmere."

Here, Here.

See my top BambleVintage picks below!

Oversized Hounds-tooth Pure Wool Jacket - 1980's 

1980's Vintage Oversized Lightweight Spring/Summer Mac

1980's Oversized Bright Red Bow Hair Clip 

You can visit the BambleVintage Etsy shop here:

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  1. Your words are wonderful! Thank you for sharing yourself with the world! Suzanne Captain of VForVintage team on Etsy