Friday, 25 July 2014

Mancoco Coffee Review

Nestled under Deansgate railway arches is a teeny doorway that you wouldn't look twice at.

Stepping inside, you're greeted by an odd looking machine, endless sacks of green beans and a friendly face.

Welcome to Mancoco, Manchester's artisan micro coffee roaster located in an area of Deansgate that's been dubbed the Cultural Quarter. I was invited to go along with a few other bloggers to learn a bit more about the coffee I have come so accustomed to mindlessly inhaling every day.

Using his roaster named 'Millie,' (I didn't ask..) retired policeman Stuart Bromley creates a variety of coffee beans that he sells at various farmers markets and fairs. He's noticed a significant difference in the type of coffee he sells in Manchester, Mancunians prefer bold, richer tastes whilst the London trend is for acidic, fruitier roasts.

You know when someone is so passionate about their job that it spreads to you..? Stuarts' explanation of the coffee-making process left me fascinated, taking time to taste the different origins of coffee that have previously seemed so similar to me as I've rushed to scoff my caffeine fix. Distinguishing between each one and learning how to 'cup' so as to taste it at its best opened my eyes to a spectrum of coffee.

From now on, I'll be thinking quality and flavour rather than just gulping down my daily fix, remembering Stuart, on the hottest day of the year, braving the heat of his roaster.

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