Sunday, 13 July 2014

5 tips on how to charity shop..

There are only 2 people in the world I can go Charity Shopping with and one of them is my Gran. 

Every Saturday when I was little, we'd trawl charity shops together, our best bargain day spent filling 'a bag for £5' at Sue Ryder and we still both talk about it wistfully now. 

I struggle to find people who can put up with me spending hours rummaging through rails of endless discarded garments, but with a bit of patience and a passion treasure-hunting, they could find themselves as hooked as me.

5 Tips for thrifty shopping

1. Always look in the bargain bin. No matter how manky and uninviting it looks, roll your sleeves up and root through. I found my Lulu Guinness clutch bag hidden in a basket of clapped out 50p handbags. 

2. Keep an eye out for vintage rails, they're much cheaper than overpriced vintage shops, and you can get some really good quality items. I've recently learnt from Dawn Porter's 'This Old Thing' that mens suits used to be tailor made and are far superior to any on the high street, so those are always worth a look.

3. Always look at the shelves above you. So many people just see things at eye level. One of the charity shops I go to has items on hooks on the ceiling, which I only realised after about 4 visits!

4. Don't get carried away. Even if it seems like an amazing bargain, if its a wild floral print that you're never going to wear, or a canary yellow jumpsuit and you've got a wardrobe of black, don't buy it! It's very easy to be swayed by cheap price tags, but for it to be a bargain it has to be something wearable!

5. Set yourself a price limit for different items. I usually stick to under £4 for tops and £7 for dresses. It means that you'll look that little bit harder for items and probably scoop something better.

Here are some of my best Charity Shop buys to tempt you even more:

Armani Exchange Jacket - British Red Cross
Price - £5.00 (!!!)

Vintage Dress - Cancer Research Bramhall
Price - £1.50

MaxMara Skirt - Age UK Macclesfield
Price - £3.00

Whistles Silk Jumpsuit - Cancer Research Stockport
Price - £8.00

                    Autograph Exclusive Nude Leather Cage Wedges - Cancer Research Bramhall

Price - £15.00

NW3 Jersey Dress- Beechwood Bramhall
Price - £3.50


  1. some good tips and, inexpensive items

  2. I've never shopped at a charity shop before but I will try from now on as it looks like they can have some great bits! Thanks for the tips. :)

    Love From Twinkle

    1. Thank you, so glad to hear you're converted! Enjoy! x

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  4. I thought your outfits were truly cute!