Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Why I'm never using Nair hair removal cream EVER AGAIN...

I didn't think I'd ever be writing about my underarms online (not without a few G&T's first anyway,) but thanks to Nair, I've been driven to it.

After getting sick to death of scritchy razors irritating my annoyingly sensitive skin, I switched to Nair Sensitive Skin Hair Removal. Little did I know I was in for a disastrous depilating debacle.

I applied it as instructed, left it on for a couple of minutes less than the advised time and then rinsed it off.

As I started to rinse it off, I felt a searing, stinging in one armpit. It worsened until I was crawling around on the floor, eyes watering, desperately trying not to claw my own arm off.

For two days, the pain lessened but was constantly there, preventing me from sleeping and making me feel like I was being stabbed with a fork in the armpit with every move.

It was a couple of days after that I realised it was looking a bit gross and went to the doctors. He prescribed me a week long dose of antibiotics and told me to put a dressing on it daily. I posted my hair removal drama on Twitter and was greeted with a response from other girls who'd also suffered wounds at the hands of Nair which begs the question, why is this product so popular?!

Still waiting for it to heal, I'm seeing hair removal in a whole different light. My vanity quest for perfectly hairless pits has not been particularly enjoyable and for the first time in my life the French girl au naturel look is seeming a little more appealing.

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