Sunday, 29 June 2014

Dressing like a Dane

I’ve just got back from Copenhagen, where I spent the majority of my time enviously gawping at beautiful Danish girls. I had somehow underestimated their ability to cycle in towering stilettos and immaculately pair neutrals in a way that we can only hope to.

Here’s a list of observations that I’m going to cling to and refer to when I get lazy and just want to wear leggings.

Top Knots

I lost count of how many girls I saw with loose topknots, holding up the top half of their hair. It’s such a ridiculously easy hairstyle but they all looked carefree and perfect.

Nike Running Shoes

You can wear Nike’s with ANYTHING. Dresses, Co-ordinates, ¾ length trousers. The rule seems to be black and white or go wild and throw on fluorescent soles.

All Black

In Copenhagen, La Roche Posay sun cream was my savior. However, my turn-up’s meant I completely roasted my ankles. I mean really, who gets burnt on their ankles? Red head problems..

Anyway, if you’re a local, you ignore the blistering heat and throw on black, all black. With the use of clever tailoring, black becomes the most exciting colour which unfortunately, I can’t team with beautiful, tanned skin.

Image: Etsy

Minimal make-up

If you’re spending half your life whizzing around on a bike in heat, you’re pretty much wasting your time with intricate eye make-up. Lipsticks were nude, blusher was kept light pink and eyes were complimented with just a lick of black mascara.



Bag- Modalu
Your bag is being thrown into a bike basket daily, so a plastic Ted Baker tote just isn't going to cut it. I saw lots of large slouchy leather bags, in browns and blacks that could be slung on with anything, it seemed like vintage was best.

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