Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Love Affair With Black Tights..

Even in the midst of Summer, when others are baring their legs and hopping into teeny denim shorts, I'll be hiding my usually bruised, pale white legs in a pair of old faithful black tights.

'Aren't you boiling?' People ask.

No, I'm not! Because tights are wonderful and flimsy and save my legs from scrutiny.

The lovely people at Pamela Mann sent me some gorgeous tights to review. I was first on the band wagon when the over-the-knee designs hit the high street, so I was delighted to see them back in.

These are really flattering, with the grid-check design having a slimming effect on your legs whilst simultaneously giving your outfit a focal point, a bit like a fireplace in a lounge. (I think I've watched too many episodes of House Doctor..)

They're thick enough to put on without snagging on your rings (just me?) but thin enough to avoid that woolly tights feeling.

I fully intend to wear these in June, and no amount of heckling is going to stop me.

You can buy them here: 


  1. Omg, these are SO cute! I'm not sure I could wear them out but I'd love to!

  2. Thank you, you should definitely brave it! x

  3. These are cute! I'm totally a tights girl too x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I don't know what i'd do without them! x