Sunday, 25 May 2014

Little Black Jumpsuit..

Very rarely, I'll spot something in a Charity Shop that will my make heart stop. And embarrassingly, I sometimes gasp whilst trying to hide the item so nobody snatches it off me. Nothing makes my pulse race like a beautiful item of clothing.

This happened with my latest purchase. An incredible, 100% Silk Whistles jumpsuit.

I picked it up assuming that like usual, I wouldn't be able to squeeze my bum into it (it's a lifelong struggle,) but it was a perfect fit. 

It's so soft and comfortable that I could happily live in it. 

Similar ones online are £250, which makes my gasp justified as I picked this up for a measly £8. 

Long live the Charity Shop.

Whistles Silk Jumpsuit- Cancer Research Stockport
Price - £8.00

Lace Bandeau - Primark
Price - £3.00

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