Monday, 28 April 2014

Why we should stop hating ourselves..

 I like to think of myself as pretty lucky. I’ve got a job that lets me be creative, an amazing fiancé who doesn’t shout at me for talking at him whilst he’s trying to sleep and a best friend who I can quote Beyoncé with.

In fact if I wasn’t me and I bumped into myself, I’d probably bitch about me and secretly be quite jealous of my life. But like many, I’m plagued by the notion that I may not be being the best version of myself. Initially, I thought this may have been a more female dominated complex, but having spoken to some male friends, I realised this was an epidemic.

Take my friend who hates his ‘Roman nose’ or my female friend who has the most enviable pair of skinny legs and is convinced they look fat.

Why do we insist on putting ourselves down constantly? This repeated negative self-doubt is making us jealous, self conscious and boring.

I was inspired by someone I saw in a clothes shop the other day. As I was browsing one of the rails, I heard someone walk past me in heels and felt a compelling urge to turn and see the beautiful girl who was striding past me in what I assumed to be out-of-this-world shoes. As I turned, open mouthed, I saw a man walk past me in a black suit, with shaved hair and a whacking great pair of platforms on. He walked, head held high, over to rifle through the women’s dresses. There were sniggers from staff members and stares from other customers but he couldn't hear them. He was content with himself and happily oblivious.

So, I’ve decided, I’m going to be the best version of me possible. Who cares if I don’t have Rihanna legs and work at Vogue. I may even pay homage to the man who’s inspired me, by throwing on my best pair of heels.

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