Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cruella would approve - Charity Chic #4

'Why are you wearing a coat inside?'

My boyfriend asked as I sat huddled on the sofa, stroking the fur collar of my new Armani Exchange jacket.

'I'm cold.' I lied.

The sign of a good buy is when you're dying to wear it so much that you will sit in your house with it on, quietly admiring it to yourself.

This is possibly my purchase of the year, so far. Everything about it spoke to me as I saw it hanging limp and sad on it's plastic hanger in the British Red Cross shop. 'BUY ME,' it screamed 'WE'D BE GOOD TOGETHER!'

So, I did.

Armani Exchange Jacket - British Red Cross
Price - £5.00 (!!!)

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