Sunday, 16 March 2014

Charity Chic

I recently got talking to someone about my wardrobe and the fact that probably 50% of its items have been given a loving new home from a charity shop.

‘Ohmigod I know this sounds awful, but I would never even go into a charity shop.’ She screeched.

I lifted my jaw off the jaw and scratched her off my Christmas list.

It seems that ‘vintage’ has carved a path for itself. ‘Vintage’ is quirky wooden crates that can be used as coffee tables and chintzy teacups with gin in. But somewhere among the sea of second-hand fur and record players, charity shops have been left behind, viewed by the majority as a clutter of musty rails of moth-eaten clothes and purple rinse’s.

I, however, have been making the basking in their unpopularity. Every weekend, I go on the hunt for fashion treasures, and the excitement of spotting a designer steal can never be achieved scouring the slightly monotonous rails at Topshop.

So, I’m fighting the charity shop’s corner and sharing some of my buys with you, because not even a musty smell and a couple of perms is going to stand between me and my wardrobe.

Lulu Guinness Clutch Bag - Windyway Trust shop -Macclesfield
Price: £0.50

My heart stopped beating when I saw this beauty shimmering underneath a mound of pram bags and Primark satchels. I'm still waiting for an event to take her out to and show her the love she deserves. 

Helmut Lang T-shirt - Extra Care shop- Marple
Price: £3.50

The picture doesn't do it justice, but this digital print Helmut Lang top is amazingly soft and the blend of blacks and browns means it's easy to sling on with just about anything.

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