Sunday, 12 January 2014

Why you should drop everything and go to Yoga..

Why you should drop everything and go to Yoga..

I have always hated exercise. Since the moment in school PE when i asked ‘which way are we shooting’ 2 minutes before the end of a basketball match and was publicly shamed by the teacher. And, since I lost every race in every school sports day, minus one, miracle one-legged race( i think my mum could have fallen over with shock.)

Fast forward 10 years and until 6 months ago, i was still forcing myself onto a treadmill, relying on repetitive pounding beats and the monotonous, mind-numbing dumph of  my trainers on the treadmill to keep my going. But, then i discovered a new form of excercise. One that didn’t require the promise of a Twirl bar at the end to physically get me there in the first place.

My first experience of Yoga was like accidentally walking into an exclusive club, where you spend a lot of time with your bum in the air and not much idea why. But, as i progressed, i started to cherish my weekly 2 hours on my yoga mat. It’s the only thing in the world that i can do whilst not wondering what’s for tea, or whether i need to buy milk, or choosing a nail colour. I can have 2 blissful hours of focussed exercise where i forget the rest of my life.

Whilst that’s a single valid reason to take up yoga, I also quite enjoy seeing really hench men coming to the class (usually only once) and collapsing into a sweaty heap after one sun salutation as their muscles work against them. Though the odd man braves the class, it’s a female dominated evening and we secretly take a subtle smugness in being bendier.

Obviously, like anything perseverance is key, a couple of half-hearted attempts aren’t  going to transform you into a fully fledged yogi, but it will make you more toned, relaxed (if it’s only for the 5 minute relaxation time at the end) and help you a little on your quest to having a J Lo backside.

If you're not convinced, just look at these pictures of cats doing Yoga instead:

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