Sunday, 13 October 2013

Vying For Vintage

Still getting over the sheer glamour and decadence of Vogue's Fashion Night Out, I went to Stockport's monthly Vintage Village. And, whilst Vogues' endless trays of Champagne and sophisticated, sushi canapés had been replaced with curry and cupcakes, there was still an abundance of style. Have a peek at the things I had to force myself not to buy ...

I could have got lost in these all day..and then brought them all home.

Seems how I've had to jam my wardrobe shut with a large piece of wood furniture, I stayed strong and told myself I didn't need any more fake fur..again and again.
If my fiancée hadn't made it so clear he thinks cards are pointless, he'd definitely be getting one of these next birthday!
I was also very close to adopting one of these, so I could just drink Martini's and answer the phone and be fabulous, you know?

The Vintage Village takes place on the second Sunday of every month, go treasure hunters, go!

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