Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My mantra for life and the happy Halfords man

'Life is not a rehearsal' is a phrase I've heard since my ears developed the ability to hear.

It's one of the things that my Dad has drummed into me since birth, along with 'there's absolutely no point in hangers' and 'don't trust anyone wearing flip-flops.'

And, whilst i do still occasionally wrestle a crumpled top onto a hanger, I never forget that first sentence.

I am one of life's worriers. And, if i'm lacking in something to worry about, i'll make it up (oh my god, have I left my straighteners on?!) So every once in a while, i need that push, that surge of confidence and comfort that it brings me.

Bizarrely, it was in Halfords the other week, when i was stocking up on screen wash and trying to avoid buying any more Hello Kitty items for my car that i really started to think about it.

'Hello! I've got two surprises for you!' said Adrian on the till,

I was taken aback by his immediate, in your face happiness.

'Here's your receipt' he said 'that's your first surprise, and the second one is, if you're looking for your glasses, they're on your head!' he laughed.

'You know,' i said, 'it's really nice to see someone so happy.'

'I live life daily,' he said 'yesterday doesn't exist, and tomorrow isn't here yet. I'm just living today now, and that makes me happy.'

It stuck with me so much that i started thinking, why do we (by we i mean me) stress so much about tiny, minute things. (My current worry involves a wardrobe..)

Why don't we all take a leaf out of happy Halford mans book, because if life's a stage, this definitely isn't a rehearsal.

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  1. I love that ideology youve inspired me to not to procrastinate! And start living!